Environmental philosophy

Environmental philosophy

Environmental philosophy

We, TAIYU CO., LTD., shall utilize its techniques & expertise on metal cutting fluid acquired for many years to preserve nature on the earth and manufacture eco-friendly products. In addition to that, under our basic policy as 'True manufacturing should harmonize with the earth environment', all of our employees are engaged in environmental preservation activities.

Environmental Policy

We have established the following environmental policy for the development of a business that harmonizes with the environment.

  1. We will maintain a strong understanding of the effect that our business activities have on the environment, and thereby prevent any predictable environmental pollution.
  2. We will comply with various laws, regulations and municipal bylaws related to the environment and other requirements agreed to by our company.
  3. Among the various environmental impacts resulting from our business activities, we will place particular emphasis on the following tasks.
    1. Promote the sale of environmentally friendly products, and thereby strive to protect the environment.
    2. Reduce our electricity usage and thereby save energy.
    3. Engage in activities intended to reduce the volume of waste.
  4. We will set environmental objectives and targets, and carry out scheduled environmental preservation activities, then execute continuous review and improvement of our business operations.
  5. Through education and training activities, we will ensure that all employees have a thorough understanding of the contents of this environmental policy.
  6. Will make this environmental policy publicly available.

President Takeshi Yotsumoto

Scope of Environmental Management System: Research, development, manufacture, and sale of metal-working fluid
Sites with Environmental Management System: Headquarters (R&D Center), Osaka Factory, Tokyo Branch Office

Initiatives for international standards relating to quality and the environment

  • iso9001
  • iso14001


We have a solid commitment to developing the kind of metal-working fluid that is indispensable to the manufacturing process.