Environmental philosophy

Environmental philosophy

Environmental philosophy

We, TAIYU CO., LTD., shall utilize its techniques & expertise on metal cutting fluid acquired for many years to preserve nature on the earth and manufacture eco-friendly products. In addition to that, under our basic policy as 'True manufacturing should harmonize with the earth environment', all of our employees are engaged in environmental preservation activities.

Environmental Policy

We have established the following environmental policy for the development of a business which harmonizes with the environment.

  1. To avoid predictable environmental pollution by estimating influence on the environment which may be caused by our business activities.
  2. To comply with various laws, regulations and municipal bylaws related to the environment and other requirements agreed to by our company.
  3. To place emphasis on the following environmental initiatives selected among various environmental impacts that have resulted from our business. TAIYU endeavors:
    1. To preserve natural resources by reducing the consumption thereof.
    2. To reduce the amount of factory waste generated by production activity.
    3. To preserve natural resources through the research and development of long-life products.
    4. To promote green procurement.
    5. To cooperate in beautification campaigns around the factory.
  4. To set environmental objects and targets, and carry out scheduled environmental preservation activities, then execute continuous review and improvement of the objects and targets.
  5. To ensure that all employees understand the contents of environmental policy through education and training.
  6. To publicize this environmental policy.

President Takeshi Yotsumoto

EMS application business: Research, development, manufacture, and sale of metal-working fluid
EMS Application Business Centers: Headquarters (R&D Center), Osaka Factory, Tokyo Branch Office

Initiatives for international standards relating to quality and the environment

  • iso9001
  • iso14001


We have a solid commitment to developing the kind of metal-working fluid that is indispensable to the manufacturing process.