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Gentle to both people
and the earth

TAIYU CO., LTD. is a company egaged in development, manufacturing, and selling metal working fluid.


Taiyu products will solve the problem you may face during metal working operations.

  • cover of always-clear coolant

    Always-clear coolant

    Because it does not spoil or deteriorate easily and is excellent at separating mixed oil, it stays clear and maintains a long solution life expectancy. This leads to reduced running cost and less waste liquid, and so also supports environmental measures.

  • cover of no need to worry about bubbles

    No need to worry about bubbles

    Taiyu product solves foaming in NC lathes and in machining centers.

  • cover of kind to people and the environment

    Gentle to people and the environment

    Under the theme of “protecting the environment, kind to people,” our products are made with the ingredients that are the gentlest possible toward both people and the environment.


    Without getting caught up in preconceptions,
    we pour all our energy into development
    and manufacturing based on free ideas.

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We have a solid commitment to developing the kind of metal-working fluid that is indispensable to the manufacturing process.