Advantages of TAIYU HI-CHIP Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

  • Long-Term Use

    Excellent antibacterial property prolongs the coolant life and reduces coolant replacement frequency.

  • Odorless

    The antibacterial property eliminates smell generated from the coolant thus provides cleaner and fresher working environment.

  • Long Lasting Defoamability

    Great defoaming performance is maintained even when used in the machine with a high pressure pump.

  • Friendly to Human Body and Machine

    Composed of the ingredients which have less effect on human health and machine's paint work.

  • Abundant Lineup

    Rich lineup of products in order to support the processing of various materials, including aluminum, copper, and difficult to cut materials.


  • Changing from Emulsion to Fully Synthetic type coolant provides below advantages:
    • Taiyu fully synthetic coolant is long life, reducing coolant replacement frequency and disposal costs.
    • Saving machine down time.
    • Reducing coolant usage-Fully synthetic type coolant is less viscous, reducing the amount of the coolant discharged with chips.
    • Beautiful transparent appearance-Allows good visibility when monitoring processing.
    • Free from Rotten smell even if machine stops for a couple of weeks.
    • High anti-foaming ability - Suitable to be used for the machine with high-pressure pump.
    • Slippery dangerous floor turns to safe & clean floor.


We have a solid commitment to developing the kind of metal-working fluid that is indispensable to the manufacturing process.