Product Information


  • Emulsion type (HI-CHIP EX series)

    ・Based on mineral oil, vegetable oil, or synthetic ester.
    ・Turns white or translucent (microemulsion) when diluted with water.
    ・Excellent lubricity. Some emulsion type coolant can be used for heavy duty processing.

  • Semi Synthetic type (HI-CHIP SX series)

    ・Contains either or both of mineral oil or vgetable oil as lubricant.
    ・Excellent in both lubricity and cooling ability.

  • Fully Synthetic type (HI-CHIP NC & SX series)

    ・Transparency lasts for a long time due to its excellent self-purification ability.
    ・Does not mix with other oils and remains separate, pushing tramp oils to the surface.
    ・Help metal fines sink to the bottom fast.
    ・Abundant lineup that can be selected according to the various processing requirements.

  • Chemical Solution type (HI-CHIP WX series)

    ・Excellent in defoamability, cooling ability, and cleaning ability.
    ・Suitable for grinding operation.
    ・Prevents grinding wheel from clogging.

Cutting Oil

    1. Chlorine-Free Type
    2. Smoke-Free / Low-Mist Type
    3. For MQL / Semi Dry Processing

Press Oil

  1. Chlorine-Free Type
  2. Dry Type
  3. For Punching / Bending / Squeezing

Rust Preventive Oil

  1. Water Soluble Type
  2. Solvent Type


  1. Supporl J and JA series (water soluble cleaner)
  2. Supporl F series (solvent cleaner)
  3. Supporl K series (de-rust fluid)
  4. Supporl W series (solvent cleaner for removing water on the metal plate)
  5. Saviden Cleaner B series (agent for cleaning of equipment, machine surface and floor)

Heat-Treating Oil

  1. Quenching Oil
  2. Tempering Oil


We have a solid commitment to developing the kind of metal-working fluid that is indispensable to the manufacturing process.