Product Information


  • HI-CHIP NC series

    Fully-synthetic cutting fluids designed for light to medium duty cutting on both CNC Lathe and Machining Center as well as Grinder. These products have excellent resistance to bacteria and fungus attack, thus provide longer life than other types of cutting fluid. Besides the fluids transparency and good anti-foaming agent provide excellent visibility during cutting even with high pressure pump.

  • HI-CHIP SX & EX series

    Semi-synthetic and emulsion type cutting fluids designed for light to heavy duty cutting on both CNC Lathe and Machining Center. These products have strong anti-corrosive ability especially used for cutting non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, and with its excellent lubricity it provides good finishing and prolongs tools life.

  • HI-CHIP WX series

    Fully-synthetic chemical type solution designed for grinding operation on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This product has good operating performance in the grinding process due to its excellent anti-foaming and grind stone clogging preventive ability.

Cutting Oil

    1. Chlorine-Free Type
    2. Smoke-Free / Low-Mist Type
    3. For MQL / Semi Dry Processing

Press Oil

  1. Chlorine-Free Type
  2. Dry Type
  3. For Punching / Bending / Squeezing

Rust Preventive Oil

  1. Water Soluble Type
  2. Solvent Type


  1. Supporl J and JA series (water soluble cleaner)
  2. Supporl F series (solvent cleaner)
  3. Supporl K series (de-rust fluid)
  4. Supporl W series (solvent cleaner for removing water on the metal plate)
  5. Saviden Cleaner B series (agent for cleaning of equipment, machine surface and floor)

Heat-Treating Oil

  1. Quenching Oil
  2. Tempering Oil


We have a solid commitment to developing the kind of metal-working fluid that is indispensable to the manufacturing process.